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How to Restart My Wireless Mouse On My Mac

Because I was so frustrated trying to figure out how to restart my wireless mouse on my Mac, once I figured it out I decided to share the solution with others. Oddly enough I regretfully report the solution is, there is no solution! Just make sure your batteries are good and restart your Mac computer. Once restarted, your wireless mouse will be working again. Also, if you’re not sure where your mouse preferences are on your Mac, or need to know how to check your mouse battery level, have a look at this short video for an explanation.

I Tried Everything to Make My Mouse Work without Restarting My Mac!
I’m sorry I wasn’t able to share a solution not requiring a shutdown or restart of your Mac, but it’s no use! I searched and searched again! I fiddled with my mouse preferences! I tried restarting the mouse by quickly double clicking! I tried even more options, but nothing I did helped me discover how to restart my wireless magic mouse on my Mac. Nothing except, restarting my computer. Be sure to sign up for our Assist Start Newsletter and receive free tips, WordPress tutorials, discounts on apps, plugins and other web related products.

Don’t Waste Any time Searching for Help
Now, you can waste time searching around yourself and you’ll find a number of responses and tips. I can almost guarantee you none of what you find will work! In fact, that’s why I decided to spend the time writing this post! I wanted to share with my visitors and advise everyone not to waste their time looking for a solution. I’m not saying there isn’t a better solution than a restart, but if there is, it isn’t worth spending the time to find it, only to discover it won’t work for you.

Don’t Forget to Save!
Oh, don’t forget, before restarting your Mac, be sure to remember to save your work. Even though the Mac does a very good job at automatically taking you back to your work after a restart, I don’t ever want to chance losing any work. When I’m building a custom website I can’t afford to eve lose any work. It’s just good practice to save before restarting.

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