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Pay Per Click Advertising for Small Business

With today’s digital technology we have the ability to make a positive impact with our marketing by using per click advertising for small business. Properly managed, a good PPC campaign can result in more revenue, but done wrong, it could actually be detrimental to the business. Rest assured, almost any small business with a great website can benefit from a strategically targeted ppc campaign. Regardless if you are self performing or outsourcing your marketing campaigns, it must be managed correctly to avoid wasting money. As shown in the example below, you’ll want to take special care to avoid targeting to the wrong audience.

Pay Per Click Advertising for Small Business – Unfortunate Experience

I recently spoke to an expert specializing in pay per click advertising for small businesses and he shared about a meeting with a successful small business owner. It was recently discovered his outsourced PPC manager was targeting the wrong audience and losing revenue! In fact, the story told was just darn heartbreaking! The intent was to attract local business but he found out the company was not correctly using geo targeting. It turned out the owner was paying thousands of dollars for unwanted out of state clicks. Then, he discovered 60% of his PPC clicks were from visitors searching for directions to another business! This is just one unfortunate story but a good example for small business owners to be cautious of how their PPC dollars are being spent.

If you’re interested in outsourcing your SEO and/or PPC to an expert with a proven track record we have first hand experience with Four Chord Digital Marketing and encourage you to contact them.

Here are some tips to help small business owners avoid mistakes and make a positive impact with their online marketing.

Six Tips to Avoid Wasting Money on PPC Advertising

  1. It all starts with a website built specifically for your business, with extended functionality and custom landing pages to capture leads. If your site is not capturing leads, spend whatever is needed and GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT! Do NOT pay of advertising unless your website has special landing pages to take advantage of the action.
  2. Check out Google’s Best Practices for PPC and other online advertising. Business owners do NOT need to be experts, but they should at least learn enough to know what to expect from whomever they intrust to manage their campaigns! If the decision is made to forego the training, hire a trusted employee or outsource the task to someone experienced with PPC marketing.
  3. Have a Strategic Plan! When spending money on advertising there should be systems in place to make intelligent adjustments and effectively execute a strategic plan of action.
  4. Verify your campaign is targeting your audience. If you have a donut shop in Los Angeles there is no reason to target people searching for a donut shop in St Louis!
  5. Your website landing pages must be inviting, up to date, and they resemble the headlines used for the ads. When potential customers click on an ad, they feel more comfortable if the web page they land on looks like the ad they clicked.
  6. Nowadays, even if not accepting credit cards, any page accepting contact information should be secure. That is, you should have a security certificate. Also, Google is ranking secure sites higher than similar non secure sites.


No Magic Formula

There’s no magic formula to achieve results with pay per click advertising. In fact, those who claim to have the so called inside secrets should be avoided. Pay per click advertising for small business is no simple task. There are experienced experts available to help set goals and achieve the most for your marketing expenditure. When choosing a manager or marketer for your campaign it’s suggested to avoid those making claims that sound too good to be true. Choose a known professional with experience specifically related to pay per click advertising for small business. If self performing your campaign, head on over to Google and invest some time and a few bucks in training. Anyone can learn, but be prepared to lose a little money while learning. Just keep your ppc bid amounts low until you get the hang of it. Effective ppc marketing really is a science, but it also requires some simple common sense. If nothing else, we encourage you to learn just enough to ask your account manager the right questions, and keep your eye on the ball.

There is much more to learn pay per click marketing for small business. We have only addressed a small bit but it should be enough to encourage business operators to learn more before jumping in. We look forward to your comments about Pay Per Click Advertising for Small Business.

How to Generate Free Online Leads for Santa Clarita Small Business

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Here’s a perfect and true example of how to generate free online leads for Santa Clarita small business operators. Earlier this week we had our plumber stop by our home to repair the sink piping and replace a toilet. As usual, he was on time and did a good job, at a reasonable price! Obviously, this is the type of service we all hope for when hiring out repairs in our homes, so my wife & I were both thankful to have the work done.

Happy Customer Shares Positive Experience on Social Network

My wife Mary is an active facebooker, so later that evening she posted about the plumbing work and thanked the plumber for his time and service. Within minutes another one of her friends responded, he also needed a plumber, and was wondering if our plumber did referral work. My wife immediately put the plumber in contact with her facebook friend, and I assume they will do business together.

The above example includes three important factors as follows:

  • One well connected facebooker was appreciative enough to take a minute to put up a positive post, without being asked. She gave credit where credit was due.
  • TIMING – Someone else viewed the post at a time when he just happen to need the very same service.
  • Localized – This business service was specific to the Santa Clarita Valley, and in actuality the facebook post might have been more effective by posting on Yelp and sharing to Facebook. Regardless, we’re sure no one’s complaining but it’s something to keep in mind if planning any advertising campaigns.
  • FREE – Gaining this extra work cost the plumber $0 out of pocket.

Providing Exceptional Service Beats Paid Advertising

As we can see from the example above, generating online leads via unpaid advertising for small business works! Let’s keep in mind it was just one lead, but by providing exceptional service, it’s very possible the plumber will convert this one referral into dozens more! The other point is, this whole example seemingly happened by chance, but not really! Yes, the timing just happened to be perfect, but if not for a few people being active social networkers, there would have been no referral and no added business!

Many small business owners working the Santa Clarita area would love to take this example and multiply it. I can see their brains working now and thinking, how can I apply this lead generation method to my business, but strategically implemented and targeted to achieve massive results? It can be done, but it requires planning, time, and a little money. Keep in mind, at this time is still quite inexpensive to do targeting advertising on Facebook. If you have a decent business website and Facebook page, there’s no reason why you can’t get started.

Notice how my wife posted her appreciative comments on Facebook. That’s because she’s comfortable with her facebook network and that’s where she happens to spend her extra time. Regardless, it would probably be well worth it for the plumber to invest a few bucks and boost this post and target the boost to his work area. It would also be better to ask my wife if she would mind posting the same comment to Yelp, only because his business is local to our area and any leads generated need to come from surrounding nearby areas.

Provide Great Service and Take Advantage

If you want to generate free online leads for your Santa Clarita small business, start by following this example in this post. Make sure you have a mobile friendly and fast loading website. Then if you don’t have one, create your free Facebook page. If you already have a Facebook business page, make sure it’s updated and looking it’s best. If you only have a few likes, your first sponsored ad should be to gain likes.

We can help you with all of this. We’ll update your website, create or update your Facebook page and get your first sponsored ad going. We have a ton of experience with all of this and we can do it at an affordable price.

If you call us directly at 661-406-2959 we’ll perform an audit of your website and your Facebook page, FREE!

If you want to achieve some accelerated results, it will take some planning up front. This is where many small business owners drop the ball and waste advertising money. Many don’t have an effective online presence in which to build a great lead generation system. This is critical because the internet lead generation process works much better with a solid online foundation and a centralized website.

Many business owners simply don’t have the time to devote to their online lead generation and some don’t have the financial resources. Regardless, most small Santa Clarita business operators cannot afford not to be generating leads online! If you don’t have the time, get someone to do it for you, because a good system can lead to positive and measurable results.

We Can Help with Your Online Generation

We hope you enjoyed this post How To Generate Free Online Leads for Santa Clarita Small Business. Please contact me anytime with questions, or to arrange for a FREE consultation. As a freelance web guy, I can help you discover how to generate online leads for your business, without breaking the bank!

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