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How to Add a Linkedin Company Administrator to Your Page

Here’s a short tutorial providing instructions on how to add a LinkedIn company administrator to your company page.

See below a short screencast tutorial providing simple instructions on how to add an administrator to your LinkedIn Company page. You’d think it would be a obvious, but as with most social networks, it sometimes takes a little digging to find out how to edit your pages!

First, we suggest using a laptop or desktop before moving forward to add a linkedIn company administrator to your page.

This tutorial assumes you already have set up a LinkedIn company page. If you don’t yet have a page, see this post for help on setting one up. Next, in order to add a LinkedIn company administrator to your company page the person you plan to assign as your administrator must first be one of your personal connections. We suggest checking on this before proceeding with the tutorial.

Screencast Instructions – Add a LinkedIn Company Administrator to Your Page

For those of you who prefer reading over videos, here are the steps outlined below.

First, Login to your personal LinkedIn page.

In the image below. At the top of your screen click on the menu item, “Interests.” A drop down menu will appear and then you must click on “Companies.”

LinkedIn Company Administrator

Next you must click on your company as shown below.


Click on your company page

Click on the blue “Edit” Button and a drop down will appear. When the drop down appears click on “edit page.”

Blue Edit Button

Click on the Blue Edit Button at the top right of page.

Next, this is very important. Before you can go further to add a Linkedin company administrator the person you wish to add must already be one of your personal LinkedIn connections. If not, you must go back and add the person as a connection. Then come back to this same point and move forward with the tutorial.

Enter the Name of your LinkedIn Connection

Once the name of your connection populates, simply click on the name and you are one step away from being done!

Click on the name of your connection to assign as admin

The last step in the process is to simply click the publish button in the upper right hand corner of the page! See image below for an example!

Publish Linkedin Edits

That’s it! You’re all done! You have added a Linkedin Company Administrator to your company page. Go ahead and advise your new administrator to log into LinkedIn and he or she will be able to now edit your company page. They just need to go to the page and click the edit button to get started.

Also, you have probably figured out by now, you can always add multiple administrators to your page. I do suggest you be very cautious to choose someone you completely trust.

Pro Tip: There are a few exceptions, but whenever you are setting up or editing social network pages or any type of web page, it’s always easier if using your desktop or laptop.

Should you have any questions or need any further help, please leave a comment and I’ll respond quickly! You can also find instructions on LinkedIn but it’s difficult to follow and find. Also, you never know when LinkedIn might change their steps, but we will do our best to keep this page updated as often as the changes occur.

If you found this post helpful, please follow me on LinkedIn.

Should you need any help creating or managing your websites, social media pages please contact us to learn of our reasonably priced but personalized web services!

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Create LinkedIn Company Page for Your Business

If you own or operate a business and provide products or services, it’s a great idea to have a Linkedin company page! It costs absolutely nothing and it’s a wonderful way to share your products or services with other LinkedIn business professionals. See my Assist Start LinkedIn page.

Before going further I want to make it clear about your company page. In order to gain followers you will need to promote the page by sharing it with others.

A LinkedIn Company Page is Free!

While I was at a mixer chatting with some other business owners I proudly mentioned how I had recently set up my LinedIn company page. Two of the group said they assumed a business page was only available with a premium paid account. The other person didn’t even know it was possible to set up a company page. So, that’s when I decided I needed to share this with my website visitors.

Having a LinkedIn company page is free, and it’s not a replacement for your personal page. A LinkedIn company page would be like having a second page, but instead of representing a person, it’s for a business. Again, if selling products or services B2B, the advantages to having your own company page is obvious. The set up is fairly quick and easy but it does take an hour or two to do it right. Before getting started you’ll need a company website and a matching domain email address in order to set up your page.

LinkedIn Company Page

Okay, I’ll show you how to get started but you won’t really need a tutorial to step through the process. First, it will be much faster and less frustrating if you use your laptop or desktop computer when setting up your page. You’ll need your website URL, email address, company logo, and a larger photo representative your company brand. As you walk through the steps, you may also need to do some image cropping or sizing.

  • Log in to your personal LinkedIn Account & go to your home page.
  • In the top menu, click on Interests->Companies.
  • See the right sidebar “Create a Company Page.”
  • You can click the “learn more” link or the “Create” button.
  • I recommend clicking the learn more link first.
  • After viewing the “learn more” page, click the yellow “Create” button.

See below the photo of a screenshot reflecting the right sidebar as explained above:

LinkedIn Company Page

After clicking the yellow button to create a page you’ll be presented with this screen shot below. Remember though, before creating a page it’s a good idea to click on the learn more link located just above the create button.

LinkedIn Company Authorization

Finish Setting Up Your Linked In Company Page

From this point you are on your own to finish your page. You’ll need to upload your logo and a banner image.

At the time of this writing the standard logo size is 100px by 60px. There’s a secondary logo is 50px by 50px. The small logo appears in status updates in your follower’s feeds.

Your banner image should be 646 x 220 pixels.

See! It’s not difficult to create a Linkedin company page and it’s a wonderful opportunity to engage and market your company to other companies and professionals. Don’t forget to integrate LinkedIn along with the other social media integration on your business website.

See below, an image of my Assist Start LinkedIn company page as an example how your completed company page will appear for visitors. This is what your visitors will see!


Promote Your LinkedIn Company Page

As is common with other social networks, your business page posts only appear for those persons following your page. You’ll need to market your page in order for it to gain traction. First off, encourage your employees to start following the page immediately! There’s no reason you can’t use your LinkedIn company for non confidential announcements. Here’s a trick to get them following! Send out a company wide email stating, “moving forward, all paid company holidays will be posted in advance on LinkedIn.” Tell them they must “follow” the LinkedIn company page in order to see the dates. I guarantee your employees will become your first followers!

Also, if you have some clients following your page, it doesn’t hurt for them to know of your holidays as well.

In Conclusion

You now have your company page and it’s time to start posting. I suggest posting at least once a week but the LinkedIn experts may say otherwise. When posting, think of interesting tips and news your ideal customer might find helpful.

We hope you found helpful out share about getting started with your own LinkedIn Company Page. Please leave your comments with any questions or contact us if we might be of service in helping with your web work.

Outsourcing Freelance Website Work is a Win for Your Business

As a small business, outsourcing your web projects to someone experienced with freelance website work can be a wonderful decision. Actually, outsourcing web work is nothing new and it’s not just a small business solution. Outsourcing is a common occurrence with enterprise business as well. Outsourcing your website work to a freelancer enables a company to avoid hiring a new full time employee just for one web project.

Choosing Between an Agency or Individual for Your Freelance Website Work

Choosing between a good web freelancer and an agency is up to the business owner. Choosing a web agency is likely more expensive but they may be able to start your freelance website work sooner and complete it faster. Then again, you may enjoy a more personalized experience with a freelancer. The agency will usually have an in house team working on your project. Of course, if the agency is busy they might outsource your project as well.

Honestly, if you can find a good freelancer who also happens to be readily available, go for it! Don’t delay because one freelancer can go from having no freelance work to being swapped, in about one minute. It just takes one phone call and that’s it!

Please contact us and let’s see if we can help your with your web project!

Contact Us

Certainly, there are numerous advantages to outsourcing web projects, not the least of which is the cost. The trick is finding the right person for your project. Freelance web designers or developers come in many different sizes, shapes and types. It’s really a matter of defining the scope of your web project, then matching the scope to the freelancer with the appropriate skill set.


If you need beautiful graphics and layouts you might look for someone with more of a graphics background. If your project will require some difficult functionalities, you may need someone more experienced with programming, specifically PHP. If you want to add some motion or animations to your website you’ll need someone with some background in Javascript.

The web development world is no different than any other industry. Rarely will you find that one person does it all. There are front end developers, backend developers, graphic designers, coders, project managers, content editors, SEO experts, and the list goes on. Even if you can find someone that does it ALL, you can bet they’ll be way to busy for your freelance website work. If not too busy, the price tag will be too steep. So what’s the solution?

There are freelancers out there that can handle various types of foundational freelance website work. Just like your local handyman, there are men and women handy with most web projects. An experienced all around web worker can usually take care of any basic web project requirements. Some freelancers even have a stable of other freelancers they can team up with. This is quite common and in some cases it might be a smart move to use your freelancer as your project manager.

Multiple Web Skill Sets

Freelance Website Work Activities

Diverse freelance web workers are pretty darn good at a number of activities. Yes, they usually excel in one or two areas, but they are tech types and can often take care of most anything you can throw at them. Then, if too busy to handle your project completely on their own, they can get help from their friends and associates.

As an example, here’s a list of some of the skills we use for our freelance website work:

  • Custom Web Design with HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • Extended Website Functionalities Using Basic PHP or JS
  • We Prefer Using WordPress as Our CMS Platform
  • Video Editing and Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Apps Set Up and Maintenance
  • Social Page Design, Profiles & Optimization
  • Wireframe and Photo Mockup Creation
  • Local SEO Services
  • Email Marketing Systems Setup & Management

Honestly, there’s more, but the list above is a darn good start.

If you need some freelance website work feel free to contact us. If we’re too busy, perhaps we can provide you with a referral.

Best Email Service for Small Business

After years of managing domain emails on website servers, we’re pleased to share about our experience with the best email service for business, Google Apps!

UPDATE 2017: Although the Google Apps is now referred to as G Suite, the email service is still by far, the best choice for any small business to manage their company emails.

We’ve all heard our favorite online marketing guru say, “to have a professional front for our business, we must avoid using email providers such as [email protected]” Instead, we should be using our website domains for all our business email. See below the example:

Right Email Address [email protected]
Wrong Email Address [email protected]

Being good little aspiring online marketers, we followed the experts advice and quickly set up our domain emails for our business. The “quickly” is my attempt at humor.

Though it’s simple to add a domain email account on most web servers, setting up email to work on our devices is a pain in the wazoo! First, you need the correct IMAP settings and they usually do not correspond with your email client. It usually results in a support request to your web server to find out exactly which imap settings to use.

We soon discovered, using our web server for our domain email is not the best solution for our business. It might look good, but most of us were lucky to configure it ourselves without paying an IT person! Then, once it’s all set up we find our inboxes swamped with spam. Oh, and don’t forget continual email glitches.

Thankfully, with the development of Google Apps for Business, we can now have the best email service currently available!

Best Email Service

Visit Our Blog for More Helpful Online Business Tips for Small Business

Best Email Service

Once Google Apps for Business is set up the first time, it’s simple to manage. Yes, there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve to get up to speed with Google’s admin. The best part though is, it’s super simple to add and remove users, no matter the device. If you know how to create your own Yahoo or Gmail email account, you can create your own domain account.

Google Apps is about so much more than just email. They offer some of the best cloud based storage, applications and business tools available. All the apps work well on just about all devices.

As an example, say you share a Google Drive file or calendar with a client. Each can be automatically branded with your logo. There are some companies that have said goodbye to MS Office and now using Google Apps exclusively.

Google Apps Set Up and Email Management

Comparing Old Domain Server Managed Email and Using the New Google Apps

Old Domain Email

  • Set up on multiple devices a nightmare (support needed)
  • Receive tons of unwanted mail
  • Users must be added directly on the server
  • No email services if website server is down
  • Email can overload website server resources
  • Email management requires IT person to access server
  • Requires IT person & server support to resolve problems
  • Server managed email is clunky and unreliable

Best Email Service – Google Apps

  • Super simple set up on all devices.
  • No more SPAM
  • Once initial set up is complete, adding users is a snap
  • Google has amazing servers, far beyond your website’s server
  • Google provides 30 Gig Storage per user. More is available
  • Simple to manage users at Google Admin
  • Each employee may contact Google Support 24/7 for support
  • Simply put, Google is the best email service solution available

Is this Another Gmail Account?

This is NOT another gmail account, but your domain email will function like any other gmail account.

You might be thinking “all I need is another gmail account!” As a web guy, I can assure you this is different! For business, it truly is the best email service option available today. Once set up, your email will be displayed exactly as needed, [email protected]

This is not another typical gmail account! Once the new MX records are set up at your server, your domain mail will be directed to Google and they will enable you to manage it in your new Google inbox. This is not a forwarding type email system. Google will administer, send and display all your email perfectly!

Ask yourself this. Do you want your business email served from your cheap shared website server or Google’s servers? That’s what I thought…

The advantages expressed in this post represent only a portion of the features. The bottomline is, if you want the best email service for your business, the new Google Apps for Business works nearly flawlessly. Google Apps cost $5 per month per user, but as of this writing each user gets 30 gig of Google Drive space and access to a nice bundle of apps.

Tips to Set Up Google Apps Domain EmailTips to Set Up Google Apps Domain Email

How To Set Up Google Apps and Email for Business

If you want the best email service for your business, here’s how to get started. We’re not going to include a full tutorial here, but we’ll give you some important tips to consider in advance. Google provides plenty of help, but as with any new apps set up, there are some pitfalls.

If you are just starting up with a new domain email, this will be perfect! You don’t have to worry about how to migrate your old email over to google’s server. Right out of the gates, your business will have the very best email service available.

If your existing domain email is being handled via your website server, be sure to research if you can migrate your old email to the new Google email account. You can always save your old emails to a file you can reference later. No worries though! Your previous email will remain on your old client and/or server.

You may not be able to access old mail via your new Google account, but as long as you don’t delete your old email on your desktop client or server, just move forward!

Setting up the Google Apps account for business is a little tricky! You’ll need your IT guy or perhaps outsource this to a freelancer that also offers Google Apps setup and management. This is only a problem for the initial set up. I’ve set up the service for a number of clients and depending on you circumstances, it could take from two to eight hours. I suggest doing this after work hours, or choose a time when email usage is at the lowest point.

Google must verify you are the owner of the domain. In order to do this you’ll need to add google’s code to your website. Once the site is verified, continue moving through the guided setup process.

At some point, Google will instruct you to add their Google MX Records to your server. It’s not as hard as it sounds, but you should know your way around your server to get this done.

Once Google verifies your MX Records are installed, the rest of the process is a breeze. You’ll need a credit card but as of this writing, the first month is free. Just follow Google’s guided wizard instructions and you’ll be all set.

By the way, you will adding each employee’s or user’s account, but each user will individually be setting up their emails. Google will send they an invitation email and guide them through the simple steps. For your users, it will be exactly like setting up their own gmail account. Google handles all of this for you. They will also provide support for each user.

Guess what? From now on your the troubleshooting of any employee email problems is no longer your responsibility! Google’s trained experts will handle it all for you!

That’s it! Just go through some of the simple tutorials Google provides and have fun with it. You now have the best email & apps service available! Also, it will work better and faster than ever! It’s likely you will rarely think about it again!

The bottom line is, we all need a solid online foundation for our business! Here at Assist Start Online Services we provide multiple online services, including the set up for Google Apps for Business.

We hope you found our share to be helpful and look forward to your comments about the best email service for business.

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