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What is Included with Our Website Audit?

How has your website been performing lately? Is it fast loading and easy to navigate? Does it look perfect on ALL devices? Is visually appealing and easy to read? Does the purpose for each page displayed above the fold? Is it secure and do you have an SSL certificate?

So many questions and so little time. Stay on top of your website performance and SEO starting with our personalized website audit. We'll identify what is working, what could be improved, and any challenges.

Growth Assessment

Discover exact opportunities and challenges with your website. Includes solutions!


This is about website page load speeds and directions on how to make it load faster.

User Experience

We'll determine if your website is pleasing to visitors and if they want to leave or stay.


We'll assess your website security including your defense against brute force attacks.


We'll assess how your site is set to convert visitors to leads with suggestions for improvement.

SEO | Online Visibility

We'll check your online visibility and if needed, provide suggestions for improvements.

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Step 2 - We'll perform the audit within one business day.
Once complete we'll schedule a time for your review and send you the results.
Step 3 -The Audit and Review Consultation is Completely FREE!
If you'd like to hire us to make any corrections, we'll give you a quote.

Freelance Web Services Provider

My name is Pete Gregory. I'm a long time web services provider experienced with web development, WordPress, SEO and a variety of other web services.

At least once a week I'm asked to evaluate, repair or troubleshoot websites for future clients. I can't tell you how disappointing it is to see so many websites with so many challenges. These are often WordPress websites with a multitude of issues, often due to a lack of regular care and maintenance.

WordPress is a terrific CMS but unless you maintain it continually, problems will develop and performance will drop off, sometimes to the point of complete failure.

If you have a website, contact me for a FREE audit and evaluation. I will perform an evaluation using a combination of automated software and my own manual review. It costs you nothing and there is no obligation.


Want a More Complete Evaluation?

Our initial Website audit and evaluation will identify any obvious challenges with your site and provide you with the positive and negative aspects of your site's performance. You'll also know of your next action steps.

Although our free audit is quite complete, we also offer a FULL and extensive evaluation. This is an exhaustive, page by page deep dive into your website. Depending on the size of your site, you may or may not need this service. Yes, our FULL, extensive audit comes with a cost but the amount will depend on various factors.

Please contact me directly for a price.