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Web Services

Showcase your business with our freelance web development and management services. We take your existing under performing business website and convert it to something special. A new, contemporary, fully optimized and SEO ready website with all the latest code.


Web Solutions Provider | SEO, Web Development and Management | Schedule a Free Consultation.

We APPRECIATE the opportunity to be of service.

Website Audit and Review

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Premium Website Services

Of course, everyone wants to get tons of traffic to their website. However, what good is it if visitors don't stay and you get no real leads or customers? It's no good at all! That's why ALL our services revolve around fixing that problem... and more!

We offer a full range of contemporary web services including web development, custom static websites or fully customized dynamic WordPress solutions. Then, because we know our clients are busy with their own business, we provide our affordable website management service to host your site on our state of the art private server, keeping your site safe, secure and operating smoothly.

In our experience we have found most business websites to be outdated, poorly developed or both. Many business websites are NOT fundamentally sound. Then, search engine optimization has changed dramatically so it's no surprise so many small businesses are struggling with search results and user engagement.

We believe in first developing websites that are fundamentally sound, and built for your visitors, right from the start. By starting with the basics, you'll be set up for future success.

See below, a partial list of the services we provide. If the service you need is not on the list, don't be afraid to ask. Chances are, we can provide you with a suitable solution.

Made in the USA

Web Services Offered

  • Custom Web Design
  • Custom Development With WordPress
  • Website Audits
  • Site Migrations to New Servers
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Ongoing Website Security, Backups and Updates
  • Disable or Transition to Gutenberg
  • SSL/HTTPS Conversions
  • SEO & User Interface Audits
  • Google Business Page Set Up
  • Create and Edit Promo Videos
  • Google Apps (Email) Integration
  • Content Creation and implementation
  • Provide Testing to Insure a Simple User Interface
  • Replace Outdated Page Builders

Providing long term web solutions for individuals, company owners or operators , from start to finish. I work with clients as partners, and often remain in service for the long term, providing ongoing strategy implementation, guidance and maintenance.

Yes! Get a Do Over - RESTART Today

It's so very important for any business to have a solid foundation from which to achieve an effective online presence. If you have an existing, under performing website, contact us and say you want a RESTART!

If you have a poor online presence it's likely due to a weak foundation resulting in a serious detriment to your future business goals.

To fix the problem we begin with 2 separate audits. One technical audit and one for SEO. We often discover new clients never properly created an effective foundation! That's why we check your site from the inside out. We identify every flaw and either fix each one or replace the entire works.

Could you imagine a contractor building a home without a solid foundation? It's no different with the structure for your website and in turn, your brand's overall online presence. Without applying the basic principles to all your online systems up front, your presence will in fact, fail. The problem is, we can see and hear a physical structure fail. It's not so obvious to see the failure of your web presence.

Pyramid to Online Success

Freelance Services for Agencies Too!

If you represent a marketing or web development agency, we offer affordable freelance services, a perfect solution when you have more on your plate than you can manage. Of course, our availability is dependent our our current work load but if we have time available we're willing to jump in and help.

Skills - Markup, Programming and WordPress
My name is Pete Gregory and my skills include HTML, CSS, Javascript and a bit of PHP. I'm very experienced with WordPress and have created many websites built on WordPress. I'm also familiar with all the most popular themes or plugins, If not, I can figure them out in a relatively short period of time.

Skills - Git and Server Level 1 & 2 Support
I currently operate my own servers so I have a good deal of experience in solving level 1 server side issues. Yes, I do have some experience with the command line however have not had the need to work on teams using technologies such as Git, etc.

Skills - SEO
I'm also passionate about search engine optimization and cut my teeth on SEO before I became proficient with web development. I'm always willing to jump in and help out with SEO audits, persona development, keyword research and all the bits and pieces that make up white hat SEO.

Of course, we understand the costs associated with your bottom line and offer special rates when you outsource work directly to us. Please contact me for a discussion.

Your Online Presence and Success

All our new websites are developed using the the most up to date code and design features. Then, we apply certain behind the scenes code such as HTML5 element tags, meta tags and structured data markup to insure the site is search engine optimized.

Some people believe, as long as their website is built using sound SEO principles, that's all that is needed. We too, wish it were that easy but unfortunately, it's not. It's a good beginning, but that's all!

Once we have your website looking and performing at it's best, we'll set you up for future success with a schedule for planned content creation. This should be well planned, researched and structured. Then, it's not just about your website optimization. Social networks matter too, even for your business. To establish and maintain an effective web presence requires optimization and consistency across all channels. We can help!

We've really only scratched the surface and there's much more to share, so please contact us for a free one hour consultation.

Home Base Location

As a freelance web developer, I serve clients throughout the USA but my home base is in Valencia, CA. My office location is wherever I happen be, and as long as I've got a WIFI, I'm good to go!

If you prefer working together face to face, my service areas include all of Santa Clarita, Greater Los Angeles areas, Ventura, AV.

The best way to connect is by sending my an email to [email protected] You may also call me directly at 661-406-2959 however I receive so many marketing calls I rarely answer unless you are already in my contacts. I do respond promptly to any voicemail messages.

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