Essential WordPress Plugins

Essential WordPress Plugins

When building a business website it’s important to limit ourselves to only the essential WordPress plugins needed to complete the project and accomplish the goals.

While doing website audits I’m always surprised by the over usage of plugins. We often find multiple plugins, each performing the same functionality. Then, we usually find deactivated plugins and plenty of badly outdated plugins.

If you manage a small business website it’s very important to limit yourself to only use a limited number of essential plugins only. Unless your site is doing something special it can easily be built using 10 plugins or less.

Remember, it’s always important to research each plugin before installing it. Take a look at our essential WordPress plugin tips as we provide some advice and tips to help you along the way.

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Depending on the type of WordPress plugins used for a given website, they can be both a blessing and a curse. Certainly we prefer to limit the overall number of plugins, however even if using too many, if they are all well written and not conflicting, it's not a problem. Keep in mind though, one poorly coded plugin could foul up the entire site.

Take a look below at our new category surrounding the topic of essential WordPress Plugins. Very soon we'll be publishing posts of only those plugins we feel are essential to developing professional level, small business websites.

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