Websites for Realtors

We offer a variety for professionally designed and developed, unique websites for realtors. Our website solutions are especially helpful for those realtors interested differentiating themselves from their competitors.

Yes, we know how difficult it is stand out in a crowd but the best way to accomplish this begins with having a unique website. A site reflecting your friendly personality and matching your own personal brand. We have exactly what you need at a price you can afford.

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Of course, your job is representing your clients to buy or sell homes. You have little time available for managing your website and that's why, once your site is complete, we manage it for you, every single day. Even better, all sites come with built in SEO specifically for the communities you serve!

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Friendly and Personalized Realtor Websites

Did you know, as a real estate agent you can get your own website from Zillow for about $10 per month. That'a a GREAT deal and everyone is doing it! Unfortunately, if you want to stand out and elevate your business, using a cheap replicated website is poor solution.

Heck, we'll even set up your Zillow site for you, if that's what. However I doubt you would be reading this if you wanted to be like all your competitors. That's why we offer our realtor clients custom or semi custom real estate websites.

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Should Your Real Estate Website Include Multiple Listings?

Your real estate website might or might not include the display of multiple listings. I can almost promise you, having an IDX on your site does not insure you will receive any leads. If incorrectly optimized, those listings may harm your online presence more than help it. That's because, in the eyes of the search engines multiple listings are mostly considered as duplicate content.

What do Real Estate Website Visitors Expect?
When considering your website visitors, we think it's a good idea to display listings. Most people visiting a real estate website would expect to have the ability to search for homes. However, as an agent, although you might get a lead here and there, you should not expect your IDX listings to produce leads. Thankfully, we have another, better solution for your leads.

Friendly Personality
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You are the Local Community Favorite

As a realtor, your website should contain extensive, first hand information about each community you serve. Each community should have a web page containing interesting photos and nicely done videos. Yes, to do it right those same pages should include the local listings, but the listings should not be the entire focus of that page.

See, this is where most agents get it wrong. This is where your friends with Zillow sites get it wrong. I can assure you, if you create unique local content for each community page, you can be the local favorite AND be found in the search results. Only then will your website result in leads.

How do I know? I'm very well versed at local SEO, especially for real estate websites. Although I'm not willing to share this publicly, contact me and I will tell you. Pete Gregory, 661-406-2959.

Real Estate Website Features

Our Websites for Realtors include the following:

  • Custom designed to reflect your friendly personality and professionalism.
  • Site must be secure.
  • Your site should have a premium security plugin to prevent brute force attacks.
  • If you want to edit your website on your own, we can make it easy.
  • Ongoing maintenance services. Your site MUST be maintained daily.
  • First hand content creation specifically for your communities.
  • Your site should have the ability to safely and securely collect leads.
  • Local search engine optimization.
  • Your site must be your primary social HUB, integrated with your social media accounts.
  • All websites for realtors come SEO ready. Ask about our additional ongoing Search Engine Optimization.
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We have years of experience creating and managing websites for realtors. There's more to share when you schedule a free, one hour consultation.

Web Design for real Estate Agents

Your Online Presence in Motion

We know exactly why most real estate agents do a good job of creating their online presence but a poor job at managing it. As soon as they get a few transactions underway they get busy and start feeling comfortable. Unfortunately, it's all downhill from there. It takes ongoing consistency and self discipline to keep your website operating it peak performance and your online presence in motion.

We can help. We provide the website and ongoing website management to help set you up for success. Of course, it's up to you to create the original first hand content. We can help by providing you with a reasonable content creation schedule you can easily follow.

There is much more to this, but when you choose as your website manager, we help guide you along the way. If you'd like we provide ongoing SEO services as well, so if you really are too busy with real estate, we can handle your other web services as well.

Web Services for Real Estate

According to the digital marketing experts, social media websites are now more focused than ever on keeping their visitors focused on their sites. These social pages do NOT care about your pages. They down rank your posts if you link to another website. You do NOT own your pages and have very little control. They only display your content so they can show your friends and followers their ads.

Your Online Presence Depends on Your Website HUB
The future of your online presence now depends entirely on having your own unique website and obtaining the contact information of your visitors. You have complete control. In the future, this will be the ONLY way to display the content you want your visitors to see and consume.

It's no secret, a typical real estate client will view your website and social pages to learn more about you. That's why your website MUST not be an afterthought, but instead should represent your best self. This is where we can help you stand out from the crowd and beat your competitors. In fact, it's what we do best!

Web Development Service for Real Estate