About Building a Solid Online Foundation for Small Business

My name is Pete Gregory and I founded Assist Start Online Services to help business owners build an effective online presence based on a rock solid foundation. Not just any online presence, but a real, identifiable presence that can be scaled over time, yet effectively managed and expanded as the business grows. Assist Start is NOT an agency so you DO NOT pay agency rates. I'm a freelance web solutions provider. If you need a website, I can do it. I'm great with WordPress, well versed in SEO, and outstanding at ongoing website management. I even create simple promo videos, often using drone footage. I'm also a FAA Certified Remote Pilot.

Internet Marketing for Small Business

It's unfortunate, but through the years I've discovered many small business owners, even those dependent on internet sales, own poorly performing websites. Their sites were built on a weak foundation. Yes, they have many tools in place and often their sites look attractive, but they never structured things to take advantage of all their shiny toys.

Consider a NFL football team with an amazing quarterback and a flock talented receivers, but a horrible offensive line. Sure, they might win a few games on talent alone, but they'll never make the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl! I receive so many calls for help and I'm always disappointed to discover the problems I discover are ultimately due to a poorly developed and managed website, resulting in a crumbling web foundation.

If this information happens to fit your circumstances, stop the worrying, send me an email and we'll set up a free consultation. Yes, we can fix it and this time you'll get it right, once and for all!

A New Beginning In 2007

My name is Pete Gregory and back in 2007 I began helping family and friends to establish an effective online presence. Later, I started Assist Start Online Services and began freelancing, developing custom websites, performing search engine optimization, creating promo videos and setting up social network pages.

Some of the Web Services We Offer

  • Custom Web Development With and Without WordPress
  • Ongoing Website Management
  • Setup and Integrate Social Media Pages
  • Extensive Search Engine Optimization
  • Promo Video Creation and Editing
  • Setup and Maintain Google Email for Business
  • Web Hosting
Web Services
About Assist Start Online Services

Skill Set: Well versed in HTML, CSS, Javascript and a bit of PHP. I have extensive experience with WordPress and routinely build my own "Must Use" plugins. Additionally, if the project calls for it, I create and develop extended custom themes.

Pete Gregory

Pete Gregory Introduction

As a full time web solutions provider, I'm directly or indirectly responsible for the web development for various websites including, the Roberto Clemente Foundation, iRealtyGlobal.com, NorthWest Exteriors, BestFlooringSCV.com and plenty of others. Then, some clients move ahead with my additional internet marketing strategies and programs for SEO and social media.

Assist Start is NOT an agency but then, you don't pay agency rates either! I operate as a freelancer with a team of trusted associates at the ready. I have an extensive and successful background in helping companies in the construction industry, attorneys, real estate, and other successful income earning internet related fields. I also donate services to the local PTA. On a daily basis I continue to develop and manage a number of business websites. 

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Researching How Others Were Doing It

Later, I began to think about how others were creating and maintaining their online presence. I knew the process required time and I was looking for ways to speed things up. I studied many small business profiles and was surprised at my discovery. Honestly, I was mostly disappointed. Many are just slinging content every which direction and hoping something would stick. Believe me, this is like dumping money into a slot machine!

I compared and studied the difference between those companies ranked on the first page of search with those who were not. I researched their websites, SEO practices, social page design, integrations, videos, written content, local listing profiles and rather or not they used paid marketing.

See below to learn what I discovered.

Research Successful Companies
Researching Best Web Practices

Research Reveals Common Characteristics

After months of research I learned, companies that are well represented online all had in common the following list of characteristics:

  • Well Designed, Branded & Responsive Business Websites
  • Well Structured Websites Built Using Best Practices for SEO
  • Websites also built for a Positive User Experience
  • Google My Business Page Matching their Brand
  • Other Social Network Pages Matching their Brand
  • Active Social Pages Integrated with their Websites
  • Most Companies Stayed Current with Design Trends
  • Well Thought Out and Structured Content Creation

Assist Start - Our True Purpose

Based on my research I observed, the one characteristic all successful companies have in common is, each has built one heck of a pyramid with a basic but rock solid online foundation. This is how I discovered the true purpose for Assist Start Online Services!

It's very simple! We help new and existing business owners to build or re-build a rock solid online foundation resulting in increased traffic to their websites and more revenue. We help the new companies get started on the right foot. We give existing companies a restart! A do over! We fix their online presence by going back and rebuilding a new pyramid, starting with the foundation. Then, we train and help them to maintain it.

SEO Gears Turning

A Better Way Without Cutting Corners

We looked for faster ways to save time and resources without cutting corners and we found it! We provide essential foundational web services to business owners everywhere. This includes new or redesigned website creation, social network designs and integrations, search engine optimization, video creations, content writing and so much more. We are not marketers or advertising consultants but the sales experts can't do much until the foundation is in place.

If you're feeling overwhelmed please remember, no matter how far off track your existing online presence may be, it can all be fixed! Yes, you may need to go back to the beginning and start over, but we're darn good at salvaging the usable parts and pieces to implement them into something new and exciting. Once the new foundation is in place, we will provide an action plan designed for growth. It's not all that difficult, but it takes work and forward planning.

The Base of the Pyramid

In the beginning, I can help you most by assessing your current situation. I'll perform an audit of your website and social media networks. This is very inexpensive but once complete, we can have an intelligent conversation about your next steps, systems needed, approximate costs and some basic projections.

This will be the beginning, the base of your pyramid. Executed properly, there will still be plenty of wiggle room for flexibility later.

The foundation is just the beginning, but if you get this part wrong it will cost you dearly later on down the road. Fresh content creation and continual maintenance takes time but with the right systems in place this can be minimized!

It's a mistake to think, once we build our rock solid online foundation that we're done. The truth is we're never done. We'll never be able to lean back, put our feet up and think we're done!

Pyramid to Online Success
Resources for Online business marketing

The Chllenge of Time & Resources

Most of us know an effective online presence will give us more credibility, resulting in more website traffic and increased revenue. The thing is, we're all faced with the same problem. Time and resources!

Developing a website, creating social networks, finding resources and writing content all take time. However, once you have a viable plan of action, it's about taking structured action and staying committed. I can't stress enough how important it is to plan and structure the start up process. Done wrong, it can be very costly and do more harm to your business than good.

We can help! Send me an email and we'll schedule a free consultation.

Online Presence Cannot Be Ignored

We all know, we must effectively excel in marketing ourselves online, or be left in the dust. There's no other option! If we can agree on this point, it's crucial to develop a plan and move forward. If not well thought out, planned and structured, you'll waste time and money. Then, once the appropriate systems are implemented, if not maintained and managed, they will go dormant.

We know technology changes at an alarming rate so it can be confusing and seemly difficult to determine the best course of action. Honestly, it's not that difficult!

We approach all aspects of creating an online presence using best practices. This applies to web development, coding, SEO, social integrations, etc. By using best practices with each step, we'll avoid most changes or shifts in the future.

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