Digital Marketing Tips

It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with all the latest in digital marketing, especially for small business operators. After all, most of us don’t have the budget to carry a full team of marketers. As a small business owner/operator myself, I’ve learned to choose my battles, stick with the basics and stay consistent. Yes, setting up some of these processes can take more time up front, but it will be worth it later. I also encourage automating processes using services such as Zapier.

Over the years I’ve published a few digital marketing posts as listed below. I try to keep all posts updated annually but should you have any questions or need clarifications, please feel free to comment.

Digital Marketing – Stick With the Basics

Yes, keeping up with digital marketing is a huge challenge of time and resources. Most don’t have the time available and because all things digital continue to change and evolve, it could be a full time job to keep up, let alone get ahead.

Personally, I prefer to keep it simple and stick with the basics. The trick is to stay consistent. Here I offer some tips enabling others to choose from the various methods of digital marketing. See below some of the things I suggest for basic digital marketing.

  1. Make sure you have a solid website that is set up as your marketing hub.
  2. Integrate social media company into your website.
  3. Choose no more than 2 or 3 social media accounts, but be sure to keep those accounts reasonably active.
  4. Set up or update your Google My Business account.
  5. Set up Local Citations accounts to help boost your local SEO.
  6. If you don’t have a domain email, get one.
  7. Publish 1 or 2 blog posts each month and share those posts on social media. Sometimes choosing a topic is the problem, so try basing topics on questions you most often hear from your clients.
  8. If you can swing it, create helpful informational videos, publish on Youtube and display on your associated blog post.
  9. Link back to your website from wherever you can.
  10. If you can swing it, set up to collect subscribers to a newsletter or some kind. To do this, you need a email list of subscribers, but this is a very powerful marketing system.

There are plenty more marketing methods to choose from, but don’t get carried away. It’s more important to keep things simple enough that you’ll stick with it. Remember, the key is to stay consistent.