Custom Web Design for Your Website... Your Brand

We provide custom designed and developed, SEO ready websites, perfect for business owners or individuals who want to begin or reset their online marketing efforts. With three convenient options from which to choose, all sites are made to compliment your marketing plan by converting visitors into customers.

3 Websites

We have several options available and all websites come SEO ready, branded with your unique information, personalized just for you. Once complete, we launch your site live, hosting it on our fast VPS servers and you're set to go. But WAIT! It doesn't end there. We continue to manage your website EVERY DAY with updates, backups and we keep it secure from Brute Force Attacks!

If you need extended functionality or special features we can accommodate when you choose our custom web development services.

Our service areas include all of Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, Ventura, Castaic and really, the entire USA. However, we find many clients prefer working with someone nearby and of course, that's a good idea if possible. In fact, visiting your location helps us get a better feel for your company, enabling us more opportunity to personalize your website.

Basic Pre-Developed Websites

Choose from a variety of our mobile friendly, pre-developed websites. Then, provide us your assets and we'll have it ready for you, in two days!

Custom Web Design

We offer custom website design and professionally developed WordPress websites with extended functionality to meet your specific needs and match your brand.

Custom Ecommerce

We provide unique shopping websites that are easy for your customers to navigate and make a purchase. We're ready to get started with your shopping website, today.

Your Website Must Be Attractive... Easy to Navigate and Functional

All too often we see business websites that are overdone, slow to load and bloated. This type of website is known to adversely impact much of your well intended digital marketing efforts.  We avoid this by providing our clients with simple, attractive web page designs on the front end, but behind the scenes lives a powerful, highly functional backend.

Your human visitors need to quickly and easily find their way around your site. Conversely, it's even more critical for your non-human visitors (Search Engines) to also find their way. We know exactly how to structure your links so your pages will be found, indexed and ranked.

It doesn't matter if you choose our custom website or a basic pre-developed site, all are built with the future in mind. When it's time to expand or update your business, your website can do the same!

Page Load Speed Crucial

It's more crucial than ever for your website to display nicely on mobile devices, and it must load FAST! That's why we believe in minimal, unique designs focused of speed.

Many of the interesting animated design features look amazing and we love to implement these into our designs. The problem is, this type of functionality can be a land mine and must be done with extreme caution! Unless connected to high speed internet, these cool features can slow down load times, resulting in low SEO scores and less traffic!

As an example, we have many clients insist on having a variety of large, full width image sliders. Of course we're willing to add these sliders but we also make the client aware of the potential harm to their SEO and user experience.

If we had our way, there would be NO image sliders but we know it's not reasonable. Instead, we build websites to have the best of both worlds. Not only will your site look great and load fast, it will be fully search engine optimized, resulting in more traffic and increased revenue.

Made in the USA

Encrypted and Secure

All of our websites are built with security in mind. We include built in security by default, using the latest encryption coding to help keep your site safe from brute force attacks, MySQL injections and more.

Of course, in spite of our efforts if someone really wants to break into your site, given enough time, it is possible, no matter what we do to prevent it. That's why, once your website is complete you can sign up for our Ongoing Website Management Services. Included in our service is protection so that, if your site does get hacked, we will restore it to it's previous condition, BEFORE the attack occurred, at no additional cost

All Assist Start Websites Secure
Scheduled Social Media Posting

Custom Web Development Process

When developing a new custom website we can't just jump in and begin coding. First, we have a preliminary meeting with the client. It's usually a lengthy question and answer period giving us a general understanding of their wants and needs.

Based on the information learned we move forward with website wire framing and mockup creations. Assuming the brand is already in place, the mockups will be presented to the client for discussion purposes only. This usually results in a second and final round of mockups, completed by us and submitted to the client for final approval.

Although one might think it's time to start coding up the site, we're not quite ready. First, we'll need all the necessary assets, some of which are provided by the client and others provided by us. If there's an existing website, we may pull a portion of it from there. If not, this will take some time.

Once we have the approved mockups and assets in hand, we can then move forward with the website development. Yes, custom development takes time up front but we're starting from nothing, so it's to be expected.


We have built an array of websites for numerous individuals and companies associated with a variety of business industries for example:

Website Examples

When it comes to web development, there is nothing web related we can't build, so let's talk and see how we might help you meet your online goals.

Freelance web Developer

Freelance Web Development a Win for Your Project

When working with us you will be interacting directly with me, Pete Gregory. If you were working with an agency you would likely be assigned a project manager with a project team. As a freelance web developer, I'm the project manager, WordPress implementer, coder, designer and SEO consultant, all rolled up into one. Yes, I'm careful about how much work I accept however I also have a community of trusted associates to call on whenever needed.

Upon completion, you'll have a terrific new website at a better price point. Moving forward with our website management package you'll receive my personalized priority support, quickly and efficiently.

Basic Website Examples

See below a partial list of beautiful, pre-developed basic websites we have available from which to choose. These are not our custom websites and of course there are more, however most can also be modified to suite your industry and specific needs.

The templated websites below are all built using WordPress and even though the examples are specific to different industries, most can be used as a starting point for any business type. When a new client signs up with us to use one of our templates, we edit the overall site colors and font to fit your brand. Then, we edit each page, section by section and module by module, using your unique photos and text. Once complete, you'll have a terrific new website representing your brand and your business.

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