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Good web development requires ongoing care and management. Just like your garden, a website needs constant care or it will eventually, crash and fail. That's why we offer our exclusive, ongoing WordPress Website Management Service. Our customers enjoy the peace of mind they deserve and can rest easy, knowing their websites are well cared for and secure. With our ongoing website maintenance you too can do the same!

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WordPress Website Maintenance

Great Hosting and Preventative Website Maintenance is the Key

As a freelance web developer I receive service calls on a regular basis from people needing help with broken WordPress websites. Most sites are either completely broken or running so slow they might as well be deleted from the internet. Often, the root of the problem is the result of cheap shared hosting or websites that have NOT been updated.

Our clients avoid all these problems because their websites are maintained by us, daily. Read below to find out what we do.

If you have a website that needs care and maintenance, we offer our valuable, WordPress website ongoing maintenance plan as a solution to your problem. Sign up for our plan and, you'll never have to worry about your website again!

Maintaining Your Website Begins With Great Hosting

The first step in avoiding broken websites, system crashes and security breeches is to STOP using CHEAP, SHARED HOSTING!

If your site is built on WordPress it needs to be hosted on a top Managed WordPress hosting solution or a managed VPS with a top of the line server company! You'll need the best web hosting for small business you can afford. Not only will your site will run more efficiently and faster, it's great for visitor retention and SEO!

All of the websites we manage now use the exact same WordPress website management service we apply to all our own sites. All sites we care for use the best hosting services in the USA.

To be clear, SEO services is not included in our ongoing WordPress website management, however we do offer SEO services as a separate service.

Backup Your Website

Back Up Your Site Daily

Our WordPress website management service includes backing up your website! Not just any backup and NOT your web host's unmanaged backups. We're talking about real time backups! BEFORE performing updates, we back up your site. Each time we make an edit, publish a post or update a plugin, we back up your site. 

As a web developer, if I have a recent, full backup of your website, if something happens I can restore it, quickly and easily. It's almost always faster and far less expensive to restore your site, than it is to troubleshoot it and fix it!

Our experience has taught us, most WordPress website problems could have been avoided by applying ongoing preventative maintenance. Just like your automobile, your website must be properly maintained or future repairs will be more costly, inconvenient, and take longer to fix.

Update Your Website Promptly

Most website failures began by falling too far behind with simple updates. It doesn't take long before missing two or three updates in a row, and when finally updating, the site breaks. To make matters worse, the website owner discovers they have no recent backup files. Sometimes, even if you do have backups, if you let your site fall too far behind, even backup files might not be helpful.

We understand, most business operators are so busy managing their business, there's no time to even think about their websites, let alone updating.

If you sign up for our ongoing WordPress website maintenance service, you can forget about your updates because we do them for you, every single day! of course, we first backup your site, then we update it. Should an update fail, we restore it to it's previous state prior to the update.

Secure websites for Attorneys

Security Against Brute Force Attacks

Unfortunately, because WordPress is so popular it's also a primary target for hackers. That's why when you choose our very best WordPress website management service we include the security services you need to protect your site. We can help you avoid brute force hack attacks, malware injections and more. Not only do we continually scan your site for malware, we also offer a 34 point security lockdown. The truth is, just like your home, if someone is really intent on breaking in, they can do it! The only way to be 100% sure your site will never get hacked is to not display it on the internet or lock it down so tight, it's not functional! Obviously, that's not an option.

That's why, when you sign up for our ongoing maintenance service we monitor your website 24/7 and if, despite our best efforts, should your site get hacked, we immediately restore your site to it's previous condition prior to the hack.

WordPress Website Management Service - Two Options

The best way to avoid future website problems is by signing up for one of our ongoing WordPress Website Management Services. We offer 2 selections, and when compared to the alternatives, the costs are quite reasonable. After all, preventative maintenance is much less expensive as opposed to paying for costly redevelopment and design.

When using our WordPress Website Management Service, you can stay focused on your business, and we'll take care of your website. Never miss an update again!

WordPress Management Costs

Pay as you go. No long term contracts


Starts at $100 per Month
  • Web Hosting On Our Private Server
  • Daily Web Site Backups
  • Weekly Website Software Updates
  • Monthly Website Status Report
  • 34-Point WordPress Lockdown
  • Daily Proactive Malware Scanning
  • Brute Force Protection Network
  • Hack Clean Up If Needed
  • Website Audit Annually


Starts at $150 per Month
  • Website Hosting On our private server
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Weekly Website Software Updates
  • Monthly Website Status Reports
  • 34-Point WordPress Lockdown
  • Daily Proactive Malware Scanning
  • Brute Force Protection Network
  • Hack Clean Up If Needed
  • Website Audit Annually

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