WordPress Website Management Services

My exclusive website care package includes hosting, regular backups saved to the cloud, continued optimization, software updates, security & more.

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Ongoing WordPress Website Care & Management

Enjoy peace of mind & rest easy knowing your website is always well cared for and secure.

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Preventative Website Management

Just like a garden, a website needs constant care or it will eventually crash and fail. That’s why I offer exclusive, ongoing WordPress Website Management Service. My customers enjoy the peace of mind they deserve and rest easy, knowing their websites are well cared for and secure. With my ongoing website care you can do the same!

I do extensive WordPress website audits for a number of companies. It’s a terrific way to find and fix issues before they become a problem. Most business operators don’t bother with audits which is why I constantly receive calls from people needing help with broken WordPress websites. Most sites are either completely broken or running so slow they are useless. Often, the root of the problem is cheap shared hosting, website bloat or websites have NOT been updated.

My clients avoid all these problems because their websites are maintained by me, daily. My ongoing service includes hosting, backups, updates, security, database optimizations and regular site audits.

Important: I only provide WordPress website management services for websites I have developed. Occasionally I make an exception, but your site MUST meet strict requirements.

Professional, High Performance Website Care and Management

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Website Management Begins With Great Hosting

The first step in avoiding broken websites, system crashes and security breeches is to STOP using CHEAP, SHARED HOSTING.

If your site is built on WordPress it needs to be hosted on a managed WordPress NGINX hosting solution or a managed VPS with Litespeed. Unless you know what your doing you’ll need reputable hosting company with great support! You’ll need the best web hosting for small business you can afford. Not only will your site run more efficiently and faster, it’s great for visitor retention and SEO!

All of the websites I manage are now on a highly optimized Litespeed server, the exact same server where I house all my own family sites.

All clients using my ongoing WordPress website management are hosted on my Litespeed server.

Website Backups Included

Our care package includes backing up your website! Not just any backup and NOT your web host’s automated backups. We’re talking about real time backups! BEFORE performing updates, we back up your site. Each time we make an edit, publish a post or update a plugin, we back up your site. All backups are stored to the cloud for 30 to 45 days, in 2 different locations. Most web hosts perform automated backups, but save them to the same server where the site is hosted. If the server goes down, so go your backups!

As long as I have a recent backup of your website, if something goes sideways on an update or if you get hacked, I can restore it, quickly and easily. If our entire server goes down and does not get fixed in a reasonable time period, I migrate sites to my other, dedicated server, in minutes!

Our experience has taught us, most WordPress website problems could have been avoided by applying ongoing preventative maintenance. Just like your automobile, your website must be properly maintained or future repairs will be more costly, inconvenient, and take longer to fix.

Backup Websites to the Cloud

Website Updates

Website failures can began by falling too far behind with simple updates. It doesn’t take long before missing three or four updates in a row, and when finally updating, the site breaks. To make matters worse, the website owner discovers they have no recent backup files. Sometimes, even if you do have backups, if you let your site fall too far behind, even backup files might not be helpful.

I understand, most business operators are so busy managing their business, there’s no time to even think about their websites, let alone updating. This is exactly why I take care of it for them.

My clients have no worries about falling behind with updates because I do them for them, every single day! Yep, it’s included in my service. Of course, we first backup your site, then we update it. Should an update fail, we restore it to it’s previous state prior to the update.

Website Security

Because WordPress is so popular it’s also a target for hackers. That’s why when you choose my management service I include the security services needed to protect your site. We help you avoid brute force hack attacks, DDOS attacks, malware and more. All sites are set up to require strong passwords and some are set for 2 factor authentication. Although this won’t stop a DDOS attack, it certainly slows down the bots and everyday hackers.

The truth is, just like your home, if someone is really intent on breaking in, they can do it! The only way to be 100% sure your site will never get hacked is to not display it on the internet or lock it down so tight it’s not functional! Obviously, that’s not an option.

That’s why, when you sign up for our ongoing care we monitor your website 24/7 and if, despite our best efforts, should your site get hacked we immediately restore your site to it’s previous condition prior to the hack. Unfortunately, these hacks are often timed events. The site or server is infected sometime in the past, but triggered at a later date. Sure, we’ll have clean backup, but it may be very old which means you will lose content added since before the hack. The bottom line is, avoid getting hacked. USE STRONG PASSWORDS!

Website Security

Questions About Website Management Services

Yes! Since I know every last detail about websites I develop I can fix things in seconds or minutes as opposed to hours. If unfamiliar with the site’s development, fixing problems could take hours, especially if the site was poorly developed. Sure, I could take on a site someone else built, but I would have to charge an on boarding fee and very likely a higher monthly fee.

The automated updating and backup services offered by many web hosts are fully automated and not reliable. There is no human being involved. NEVER believe any web host claiming management of your updates and backups. ALL automated services are unreliable unless monitored by a human.

My services are partially automated, but personalized just for you. I manually update all themes, plugin software, etc. Yes, I even look at the front end of your site after each update. Once I configure and backup your website the first time, I schedule automated backups. I check each week to verify the backups are working and being sent to their destinations. I personally monitor your site and and perform a number of tasks manually, each month.

Prices start at approximately $100 per month. This includes hosting, backups, backup storage, software updates and security. I also include 15 to 30 minutes of editing monthly. Editing allowance does NOT carry over if unused.

This is a month to month service. If you choose to use our services you will be emailed an invoice via our SquareUp account for each month, in advance. Then you will be automatically billed on a monthly basis.

Typically I would say no. If your website is currently hosted on a reliable and reputable Litespeed VPS or dedicated server, then yes, we will consider providing all other services without hosting. However, the monthly fee will be higher. Why? Because not all servers are the same and I know my own server, inside and out. Also, I develop high performance websites specifically to work well in my Litespeed server environment.

All backups are stored on an offsite in 2 different locations. I typically keep backups for 45 days.

I will restore your site to it’s original condition prior to the infection. If the hack occurred more than 45 days in the past, the restore option will not solve the problem. Next, we’ll audit a copy of your hacked site to determine the source or cause of the hack and provide you with an estimate to fix the source of the problem. Unfortunately, you could lose any edits or content published since the site was hacked.

You will receive a monthly report detailing all changes on your site for that month. You’ll have a record showing you the percentage of your site’s uptime, all the updates, backups and more. The reports include nice visual displays so it’s easy on the eyes.

No. All the websites I build are created with SEO in mind and they are all SEO ready. I do offer SEO is a separate service for select clients only, so please contact me to discuss your needs.

No. Other than notifications sent from form fills on your website, I do not provide email services with my monthly services.

I do provide a separate affordable service to help you set up your Google Workspaces if you desire. This way, you can have your domain email and it’s perfectly managed by Google. Very affordable!