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Promo Videos for your Small Business

Our affordable business promo videos are sure to enhance the online exposure of your company. This is not a full blown video production service, however our videos look and sound great, producing terrific results. All available at affordable prices and perfect for posting on Youtube, Vimeo, social media and your website. We often combine videos with our custom web design to add that special touch not found elsewhere.

Example of Business Promo Video Created for a Real Estate Brokerage

Video Creation Service Details

Our videos include a series of video clips, images, background music and a friendly sounding voice over, all edited together to make a wonderful business promo video.

We use professional video editing software to handle the heavy lifting and most, if not all of our work is done in house. Depending on your location, we can come out and take some video footage and photos or we can use your own well done video clips and images. As long as your assets are well framed, in focus and have decent lighting, we can utilize them to produce some surprising results.

Example: Community Video

Business Promo Video Script Writing

Business Promo Video Script

The process of creating a business promo video begins with a well written, but short script. Really, it should start with a simple outline of the content. Again, it needs to be short so we can keep the video time under 2 minutes, In fact, the best videos are even better, under 1 minute.

Once the script is written and approved, we can proceed with the voice over. Then, choose video and image assets to go with the spoken words. We break it down into small lines and display different clips or photos to match the timing of the voice over. 

Getting Started with Your Video

To get started with our business promo video service contact us for a discussion. Tell us about your idea for a video and what you'd like to accomplish. Then we'll provide you with a price and if agreeable, we'll work together to get started.

You'll need to provide us with a short list of the topics you'd like included in your video. Remember, these business promo videos must be very short and to the point. We can then create a script with a draft of our voice over and send it over to you for your approval. Then, we'll create a list of visual assets needed for the video. If included in our agreement, we'll provide those assets and get started with the video. Otherwise, you'll need to provide us with your preferred assets and get started.

Once the voice over is approved and we have the assets in hand, the video editing process takes just a couple days, and it's done. We'll send you the finished product for you use. If you want, we'll even plublish the videos for you.

Video Editing on Computer