Internet Marketing and Web Design FAQ’s

We have a website, but it's outdated. Can our existing site be updated without spending lots of money for a new site?
This will depend on the type of site and coding originally used during development. In the long haul, it’s often less expensive to start fresh, using a web development platform that is designed to grow with time. Using iThemes Builder, we feel it’s likely the last theme you will ever need. It’s built specifically so it can be easily re-designed quickly and affordably.

Do you have a magic formula for Search Engine Optimization?
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a magic formula for Search Engine Optimization! This is usually a marketing ploy used by some to generate new business and take your money! In fact, business owners must be very careful when using any of these services is making claims that sound to good to be true. NEVER buy backlinks and make sure you learn about black hat and gray hat SEO practices before doing anything! There are few secrets with regard to Search Engine Optimization and always remember, content is king!

We already have a WordPress website but we keep hearing we should also have a separate blog. Is this true and if so, what are the advantages?
Depending on the type of business you operate, it’s sometimes advisable to have a separate blog site. We almost always recommend your main business site also have a blog page. If using WordPress, it’s very simple to create a basic business home page and a separate blog page, on the same site.

We heard on the radio we could build a beautiful website ourselves for free, so why should we pay a web designer to build one for us?
This is a loaded question and suggest you have a look at our recent post about free websites. I’m being 100% honest when I say, most of our business comes from individuals and business owners who started a free site and never finished! That being said, there are some instances when we might recommend using one, but not many.

Keep in mind, if you have the time and inclination, you can build your own WordPress self hosted site, FREE! It’s not hard, but it is very, very time consuming and there are a number of drawbacks to using the free, replicated themes.

The decision to attempt your own site should be based, in part, on the type of functionality needed. Will you be selling anything on your site? Do you you need to match your existing branding? Will you be using any plugins requiring difficult configurations? What is your current technical knowledge? Yes, you can build a site without knowing code, but if you want to add any customization not included in the theme, you will need to know some code and be able to find your way around your server files.

It’s important to understand, even the most simple DIY websites are quite limited and there will be a learning curve to get the hang of it.

How much do you charge to build a website?
Without knowing your design specifications, that’s impossible to answer! We do offer a free one hour consultation either in person or on Skype to help you determine what type of service best fits your needs. At Assist Start, we provide several different types of design services. In fact, we now offer a budget value “Done for You” website that is super simple. As a customer, you would complete a form and we take it from there! Within a day or two you have a gorgeous site with extended functionality. You pay a low one time startup and personalization fee and recurring monthly amount. We host your site, keep it backed up, updated, and provide security to help prevent brute force attacks, malware injection and general hack attempts.
For our fully custom design work we do require a 50% deposit to get started.

How long does it take to build a custom website with average functionality?
A typical custom website for a basic business takes about two to three weeks. A simple personal blog can be done in a day or two. Be advised, the clock doesn’t start running until the customer provides the needed content. To save in design costs, the customer usually chooses to provide certain content, such as branded logos, images and certain specific written content. We can provide everything if required, but even so, the customer must still provide certain information and content needed before we can start.

Schedule a FREE One Hour Web Design Consultation!
Depending on location, we can meet in person, via Skype or by phone. After our free consultation we will provide you with a proposal for our design services. We’re passionate about web design and have successfully launched and continue to maintain hundreds of successful websites. Let’s get yours started today!