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Affordable Online Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Affordable online marketing strategies are not something that can be covered on one short blog post. By nature, this subject encompasses  a wide range of options which can only be determined based on your company goals.

One thing for sure, the basic strategy for all business types is to have a solid foundation in place for your website, social networks, SEO and an ongoing maintenance plan to keep your website and networks updated and running smoothly. Each company needs their website developed in such a way to be unique, branded and fully optimized. Then, all social networks should be connected and integrated with your website.

Once you have a viable foundation in place, the strategizing can begin. There’s much to do and you’ll need to make a time commitment. Also, consistency is the key. Plan to dedicate the time needed to good content creation and doing the research needed to be effective.

We’re sorry if we’re being repetitive, but the affordable online marketing strategy here begins with your foundation. There’s little use in creating and sharing content if your website isn’t in peak performance. Find out more about us and our thoughts on building a solid online foundation.

List of Affordable Online Marketing Strategies

  • Set up a YouTube Channel and upload some informative or fun videos. Youtube creates an awesome online presence, all by itself!
  • If going the SEO route, first make sure your website is properly structured and can be easily navigated by both humans and bots, on ALL devices.
  • To save time, set up an automated “if this then that” sequence so, whenever you publish a post or page, it is automatically shared on your social networks.
  • Double check your SEO plugin configuration and make sure it’s properly setup.
  • Audit the websites of your online competitors and be sure to gather a list of their keywords to use as your own.
  • If you’re a local business, start publishing bi-monthly posts directly on your Google Business page. Be sure to link back to your website.

All of the items listed above cost nothing, as long as you do them yourself. Yes, it does to take time so if you prefer to focus on your business you are welcome to outsource these tasks to us.

Establishing an effective and strategic online presence presents many challenges. Many business owners prefer to outsource these tasks, but not all of us have the budget to allow it. Even so, for best results some actions should be self performed. We have much more to share about all this, but let me leave you with this one bit of information.

Before Beginning any Online Marketing Strategies

Before you begin with any affordable online marketing strategies you’ll need certain safeguards in place.

It’s not advisable to have a website created and leave it be, unattended. Websites require updating and maintenance, just like the plants in our garden. If we want our online business to thrive, we must feed and care for our websites and online business building systems. If you don’t have the time for this, you might be interested in our WordPress Website Management Service.

If you’re willing to spend the time to learn, you can self perform a WordPress installation. If you really want your website to be fully optimized, you’ll need to learn about SEO. Then, be sure to find out everything there is to know about securing, backing up and updating your site.

Updating plugins and themes in WordPress is a snap, unless something goes wrong. It doesn’t happen often, but it does occur more than you might think. Update failures can result in a fatal error and your website will go offline. When this happens you’ll need to access your files at your server and make the necessary repairs from there. Some of the problems can’t be fixed and in this case you’ll need to restore your website from your backup files.

Now, even though your web host claims to have backup files, it’s likely they are incomplete and outdated. Hopefully, you’ve been running your own backups using a plugin such as BackupBuddy.

It does take some time to learn and perform the necessary actions, but in the end it’s worth it. I promise, the results will be huge!

We currently offer a variety of affordable online business building resources. We also share useful tips containing valuable information for those willing to spend the time to learn.  Let’s work together to improve your business as a team, without breaking the bank.

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