Social Media Integration With Your Website

If your website is not structured to be your social media hub or if you don't have Social Media accounts for your business, we offer services to set those up for you. We'll match your brand and perfectly integrate each account with your website. All our new websites automatically come with site social media integration, so it's an ideal hub, interconnecting all your accounts.

It's important for every business website to be connected to your social media business accounts. Depending on the business type we usually suggest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and perhaps Yelp. You can throw in Pinterest too!

It's obvious to see, our social media links on this site link off to our social pages but remember, the idea is to drive traffic FROM your social media, TO your website. Then, what humans don't see and what many business accounts are missing, is the special code written in the site's html which helps validate our social media with our website and our business.

All our custom designed websites and basic pre-developed websites come with social media integration by default.

Social Media Integration

Are you're selling a product or service directly to consumers or to business? For example, if you're a B2C business and selling products or services to consumers, social media integration is a huge benefit! On the other hand, if your business focuses on B2B sales, we'll still use social media integration, but with a different approach. Then again, if selling rocket fuel to NASA, we'd be safe in skipping social media entirely!

If selling products or services directly to the consumer, at the very least we recommend integrating Facebook and Twitter. Then, add whichever other social networks you prefer. When business sales is focused on selling to other companies, LinkedIn would be the obvious choice!

TIP: Even if not choosing social media integration, your business still needs a Google Business Account. We no longer use Google Plus as it's being discontinued, so this is no longer a no longer needed.

Social Network Connections
Scheduled Social Media Posting

Getting Started With Social Media

If deciding to move forward, we'll need to map out a comprehensive and strategic plan of action. We begin by creating new social media pages or re-designing the old. Then, we create custom functions into the website to insure smooth integration with your social pages.

The nuts and bolts of the actual social media integration is only the beginning. The tricky part is researching exactly what type of your web content will be shared to the social networks.

Even more important, as any marketing expert will agree, timing is everything. Then again, we can plan the logistics all we want, but there's no sense doing much of anything until the social media integration is complete.

Steps to Social Media Integration

  • First, create well designed business pages on the target social networks. Social page images and written content should be consistent, matching your brand across all networks. If you're not doing this, we suggest researching or reading up on branding your business.
  • Certainly, we'll want to display the friendly well known social icons on your website. Seeing these familiar icons make your visitors feel more comfortable.
  • Not every page on your website should include social media integration. We plan this when mapping out the design in advance of production.
  • We know how important page speed is to sales and SEO. Some web designers are unaware of how badly most social media plugin's slow down page loads. We usually avoid these plugins and use social icons instead.
  • It's a good idea to create functions so every time a new blog post is added, it automatically pushes that post out to your social network of choice.
  • We can go one step further and make any posts published in a specific category to automatically post to one network while posts and another category go to a different social network. Normally, some topics go over well on Facebook but others might fair better for Twitter.
  • There's much more but please remember, effective social media integration requires a well thought out strategy. Every website post, every social share and every web page published should be based on a strategic plan of action.
Marketing Quick Tips
Social Media for Everyone

Is Social Media for Everyone?

Social network business pages and media integration is not for every business. However, we've seen first hand the benefits of increased website traffic resulting in more revenue. Some of our clients are not interested in Facebook or Twitter because they feel those are more for personal use. This is not true and that's what business pages are for.

A commercial property management company or commercial property broker could benefit by integrating their websites with Linkedin. Also, there are industry specific professional networks most of us have not heard of. Even though we may not know it, when it's time to search out a professional in that specific field, those special industry specific networks come into play, ranking high in the search engines.

Regardless of the industry, there's a network for all and just waiting to be leveraged as an effective social media integration for your websites.

Your Business Website - Primary Online Hub

We encourage our visitors to remember the basics. The online presence of any business all starts with how well their website ranks in the search results. This is not a social network. This is your website! Not your Linkedin page, Facebook page, or any other social network page. Social media matters, and it matters a lot! As a result we leverage our social media pages to help drive traffic to our hub, our website.

Online Marketing for Construction Companies
Social Media Integration

We Do Not Own Our Social Media Pages

Never forget, we own our websites and have full control the content displayed within. The idea is to use social media integration to drive traffic back to our websites. Facebook controls our Facebook pages, Linkedin controls our pages on their site. Each social media outlet controls what we can and cannot display. They can and will terminate service, even if by mistake. Never forget, we are just their guests!

We highly suggest our visitors refrain from taking up permanent residence and thinking a social media page is their home page.

How Can We Help?
Here at Assist Start we provide our friends and clients with a variety of services including social media page setup, design and management. Once we finish with the custom integrations we often continue to create and publish blog content while managing their social networks at the same time. Our regular clients continue using us, not because we're good guys, but because the cost associated with our services is easily offset with increased revenue.

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