WordPress Website tips

WordPress Website Tips

When creating or operating a WordPress website there’s much to learn and remember. Then, about the time we think we have a reasonable understanding, WordPress releases new updates, resulting in even more to learn.

I’ve heard the phrase, WordPress is really just a pretty face on a database. WordPress stores each bit of content in the database and makes it relatively easy to retrieve all the bits and pieces using PHP to display in a variety of ways using html and css.

Small Business WordPress Tips
We offer an array of small business website tips geared toward smaller companies and individuals. We cover topics such as, updating themes and plugins, web hosting, mobile friendly design, WordPress for beginners, WordPress website management, and more.

All information provided is based on our years of personal experience building custom WordPress websites and developing our own themes or plugins. We hope you find the tips to be useful.

WordPress Developers, Implementors and Users?
Generally, WordPress is geared toward 3 types of users as follows:

  1. Developer: WordPress developers are those responsible for building the amazing themes and plugins
  2. Implementor: Good at putting together a theme and plugin stack to create a terrific finished website.
  3. Typical User: Perhaps a business owner or individual with the ability to write a blog post, add a product, swap out photos or text.

Yes, even if you don't know code, as long as you know how to assemble and configure basic WordPress website themes and plugins, you can create a terrific blog or website.

Keep Up to Date with WordPress Tips

Overloaded Web Page on Computer Screen

Why Single Page Websites are Not Good for Maximum Exposure

March 2, 2020

Lately we’ve noticed social media ads going on about how single page websites are so great, but in truth, they are NOT! While they are kind of slick and I…

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Website Conversion Graphic

Turn Your Website Visitors into Leads

October 28, 2019

If you have a decent amount of website traffic but not getting the leads you hoped for, you’ll need to improve the user experience to turn things around. First, get…

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Wordpress Website Repairs

Avoid WordPress Website Repairs With Routine Updates

April 13, 2019

Launching your website is always an exciting time however as you move forward, routine updates are a MUST to help avoid WordPress website repairs. If you don’t have a solid…

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Woman on Phone Unhappy with Cheap Shared Web Hosting

Cheap Shared Web Hosting Crashes New Website

May 4, 2017

It’s been years we’ve been harping at anyone who will listen to get rid of their cheap shared web hosting. Instead, do yourself a favor and choose more reliable VPS…

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Hourglass Representing the Past

Web Design Mistakes of the Past to Avoid in the Future

March 7, 2016

Today we design websites to be fast and sleek, but some best web design practices of the past are now considered to be web design mistakes! It’s not so much…

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Responsible Website Management

Responsible Website Management for Small Business

February 7, 2016

Today we’re sharing about some of the new challenges associated with responsible website management for small business. With today’s ever changing technology, the chore of website management is more challenging than…

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Five Tips To Help Real Estate Agents Choose Their Website

5 Tips to Help Real Estate Agents Choose a Website

December 28, 2014

Since I’m often giving website advice to realtors, I thought it might be helpful to share 5 tips to help real estate agents choose their website. Depending on which real…

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Font Awesome Icon Font Examples

How Anyone Can Use Icon Fonts With Font Awesome

July 28, 2014

Update 2019: Today, many plugins, themes or page builders already come with font awesome icons built in, so most WordPress users have little need to install icon fonts themselves. However,…

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How to View Your Website in 3D Using Firefox Browser

Viewing Your Website in 3D Using Firefox Discontinued

July 23, 2014

I was watching the iThemes Weekly Youtube yesterday and Professor Ben showed how to view your website in 3D using my Firefox Browser. It was really cool to see, and…

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Does Web Design Look Easy

Web Design is Easy! Anyone Can Build FREE Website – Is This a Joke?

March 26, 2014

Web Design is easy and you can build your own custom website without hiring an expensive designer, for free! Yeah right! Is this a joke? Lately, it seems like whatever…

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Free Advertised Websites

Should I use a Free Advertised Website

August 8, 2013

In the interest of public awareness, we must advise our visitors to, think twice before using a free advertised website. We’ve all heard or read promotional advertisements urging us go…

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WordPress Website Building for the Novice

WordPress Website Building for the Complete Novice

June 25, 2013

If you’re a complete novice but interested in building a WordPress website, it no longer requires a technical guru to create and manage a real WordPress website. Don’t misunderstand, it’s…

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