view website in 3D Using Firefox

View Your Website in 3D Using Firefox Discontinued

I was watching the iThemes Weekly Youtube yesterday and Professor Ben showed how to view your website in 3D using my Firefox Browser. It was really cool to see, and I had no idea that feature was even possible and of course, nowadays the 3D viewer is no longer available! of course it was only a novelty but I thought it was a cool idea. As far as I know, as of 2019 this feature isn’t available in in any other browsers or extensions.

Back when it was available I thought it was quite unique and created a short version screencast to share with my visitors and clients.

UPDATE NOTE: From Firefox 47 onwards, 3D view is no longer available. Also, I did some research and it appears there’s no easy way to get a 3D view from any of the most popular browsers. Yes, there are ways to do it, but it’s a waste of time to get it done.

Video – How to View Your Website in 3D

The screencast above shows how the viewer worked using an example real estate website in 3D view. It was a great way to see an accurate visual representation of your website. Have a look at the video below and please leave a comment let me know if you know of any other option that might have become available to do the same.

I think this 3D effect was just amazing! Each layer is an html div and you can actually see or drill down by viewing and rotating the 3D image as opposed to studying the code. This could be helpful if your not sure where to apply CSS styling to specific classes or id’s.

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