5 tips for marketing business online

Five Simple Tips for Marketing Your Business, ONLINE!

Today we share five simple tips for marketing your business, online! Before we get started it’s important to note, not all businesses are marketed the same, but they must all start with a solid foundation. Each business has it’s own target audience and often the┬ácustomer base will determine specifically how to make the best use of your resources. Targeted, paid marketing is more advanced, but before spending one cent for any paid online marketing campaign, your business must have a solid foundation and professional online presence.

Market your Business Online Following Five Simple Tips

  1. It all starts with a professional, custom designed website! It’s critical your online business brand be portrayed professionally and consistently, across all platforms. It goes without saying, your website should reflect the intended brand and attract the ideal customer! Your site should look professional, feel friendly, built to be a SEO ready and enhanced to be a lead catching machine!
  2. Next is Facebook & Instagram! Your business will need a professional looking Facebook and Instagram pages. The cover photos, profile and other options must be consistent with your website and Google Business page.
  3. Twitter! Again, consistency is the key! The background images and profile must be properly portrayed and written so it all looks and feels like the others.
  4. If you want to have a professional online brand and image, don’t skimp on any of the first four tips! Get it done and get it done RIGHT! Make sure your search and social pages link to your website and your website has perfect lead catching functionality. Your site and your pages must ALL look professional, but feel friendly.

Bonus Business Marketing Tip
If you read this far, you deserve more! Depending on your business, you may want to also get going with Linkedin. Certainly, if your business is serving other businesses, a Linkedin company page is a must. Again, if doing so, keep everything consistent and ALWAYS link back to your website.

Your website and each one of your pages must be continually managed and maintained. Also, make sure you keep all the images and backgrounds looking fresh and contemporary! Once you have everything in place and want to try some targeted pay per click online advertising, you are ready! Go for it!

I’m Pete Gregory of Assist Start Online Services and I offer freelance website development and ongoing management. Each site I develop includes custom integration with your social media pages. If you want, I’ll even build Facebook & Instagram apps so your feeds actually display on your website. Contact me to schedule a consultation.

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