Evolution of Online video Marketing

Online Video Marketing Has Evolved Towards Personalization

Online Video Marketing Update 2019: Wow, nowadays we have video everywhere. They come in all types such as and endless number of tutorial videos, business promo videos, professional level productions, videos for children, you name it and you can find it. Yes, personalized talking head videos are still popular, but if you plan to publish one, make darn sure it’s of high quality and contains content people want to watch. Otherwise you’re wasting your time.

By the way, when it comes to finding helpful digital marketing tips for your business, useful video information can be a big winner. You’ll probably find, unless you have some sort of viral type clip, video for your business does need to be well done for it to be useful. It doesn’t need to a work of art, but it needs to be clean and reasonably well done.

Go ahead and read below the post I published back in 2014. The content is still useful even though it comes from a time when personalized talking head videos were first becoming popular.

Just when many Youtubers became reasonably proficient at creating some pretty darn good slide show type videos, online video marketing has evolved towards personalized headshot type videos. It’s no longer about putting an actor or your most polished salesperson in front of the camera and really talking up your business. Nowadays, it’s less spit and polish, and more personalization.

Online Video Marketing Approach Evolves Again
The method to online video marketing has evolved into an approach that is more about connecting to an audience on an emotional and personal level, than just looking good and selling! It’s really as simple as going in front of your camera, providing interesting value, while being the real you! People are sick and tired of being marketed, especially online. Unless you have a product that is so popular your prospective customers will do almost anything to get it, they don’t want to hear your pitch! They don’t want what you are selling, and unless they just happen to need your product or service at the particular time they are watching your video, they won’t bother to watch and listen! So, what to do? What is the next step to your online video marketing? It’s simple really, and if taking the time to break it down, it’s easier than ever!

How to Offer Value in Your Videos and Be the Real You?
The idea is to establish relationships with your customer base before they are ready to buy your product or service. Instead of going online and constantly pitching your product, create authentic videos with you talking about subjects directly, or indirectly related to your business. Learn what your prospective customers are interested in. What movies do they like? Where do they like to shop and dine. Find a way to connect with your audience in a manner they relate to. Take for instance, a real estate agent. Heaven knows, no one wants to watch a video about a realtor doing a monthly marketing report. We all need to quit making videos about selling, and instead make videos about interesting events within their community. Who performed at the latest concert in the park? What about fun upcoming community events? How about fundraisers? Who won the annual holiday house decorating contest? By creating videos about interesting local activities and people, the realtor will have an audience that is familiar with them, so when it’s time to buy or sell a home the agent’s name will come to mind. It’s really that simple! If you want to go one step further and go viral, learn about the Webinar Plugins and create your own live webinars without using expensive services! Live webinars are all the rage, and are already the next big thing in video marketing! Don’t get left in the dust!

Here are some examples for other business types

  • Construction Companies – How To Videos are still a great way to gain an audience and home improvement contractors can make fantastic use of videos. Make “how to videos,” community events clips and more. The local residents in the community love seeing what they missed at special events.
  • Restaurant Business – Recipes, recipes and more recipes. People love recipes! Make a video of you and your child cooking together. Make how to videos about how to prepare meals for a family re-union. The topics are endless!
  • Medical Field – This is simple. Have fun creating videos about general healthy living. You never have to offer up one bit of professional medical opinion. You are sharing general knowledge, but you are doing it in a friendly way and personalizing it.
  • Attorneys – Instead of going on camera acting like you are speaking to a judge or a jury, just be yourself and talk about interesting cases. They don’t even need to be your cases. It could be about something in the news! You don’t need to speak as a professional, but you can if you want.
  • Accountant – Well, this is easiest of all! It’s all about taxes and audits, but you do your videos from the perspective of talking to your neighbor. In fact, even if it’s not about your profession, if you like NFL football, talk about that. How about the player that made 20 million playing in the NFL but is now broke?
  • Online Product Seller – Start a series of videos about how to find good deals while shopping on Ebay and Amazon. You will have plenty of opportunity to direct and share links to your online store. If you are selling specific products, share about the problems those products solve.

This isn’t Rocket Science, It’s Simple Trust!
The idea is to establish trusted relationships by publishing videos without all the sales hype. Be the real you and just talk to the camera as if you were talking to a friend or neighbor. You can still create a sales video every now and then, but it’s all about long term relationships! When the time comes for a member of your audience to buy the product you are selling, that person will think of you because he or she thinks of you as a friend, not a salesperson!

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